A Couple Of Odds and Ends

Posted: October 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

My blog email address is up and running, and thank you for the emails so far. Please continue to (or start!) sending me messages. Please feel free to use the email address for any questions you might have about somewhere I’ve been or somewhere you’ve been to keep giving me ideas as to what’s going on out there in the S T L. Also, for my out of town readers, if you’re headed to St. Louis, send me an email if ya wanna know where to head to get the real STL.

There is now a daily update on the weather outside of my office each weekday morning, this only serves to make me giggle. Each morning there will be a photo of the view outside my office window posted on Flickr. When it rains and floods our run off, there will also be a midday photo of that, again, because it makes me laugh. On the right side of the page there is a Flickr gadget, and since I can use Flickr from my BlackBerry, I decided to take advantage of it. I will also continue to post random photos to the flickr page that take if I think they’re funny, or until I get over the extreme cuteness of our new kitten, Louis IX.

I am thinking about changing up the look of the blog here, but I’m not really good at that with blogger…I was a whiz at myspace, but blogger’s a bit more serious than that, so going to see what I can do.

As I have had for awhile, the twitter link is still up and running on the side. I am using a new gadget for it, so it is now working again, as the last one got kajiggered and stopped showing my updates. Please follow me on twitter if you’re not already.

Now that my blog has a more solid direction, there will definitely be less posting going on per week, but I am doing everything I can to continue to add revolving content on the page.

Again, Twitter, Flickr, Emails…feel free to contact me as you’d like.


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