Joe Bush’s Pizza & Pub

Posted: October 9, 2009 in Dive Bar, STL: North Hampton

The fiancee and I had decided to stay at home, watch the Cards, Blues, and Tigers on the TV. I was going to burn down the remote control. She sends me a text on my way home, saying, we’re going out tonight, and you’re buying. Hooray. (At least I got a refund check to offset this cost.)

As we’re on our way to Barney’s Pub on Chippewa, we decide to stop at Joe Bush’s Pizza and Pub. This was a great idea. It’s nestled in the plaza that has sprung up on the ashes of the old Famous Barr Building. It’s a cute little pub. It’s not a dive bar at all, but a sports bar. They had TV’s everywhere. So I could simultaneously watch all three games! Spectacular.




I really enjoyed the place. The patrons were rambunctious as all of our teams crapped the bed. Oh well. I ordered my customary Bourbon and Coke and fiancee ordered up some chicken stuffed nachos. Well I had absolutely no idea what those where.
Yeah, that’s about right. We also had a BBQ Chicken Bacon Pizza.
Very tasty, though let me say, the bacon was extraneous. There was absolutely no need for that bacon…it seem like it was just hucked on there at the last minute.

While we were digging into the pizza, I asked our server (who looked frighteningly familiar and it drove me nuts all night), for a tall bourbon and coke. She, after a pretty long time, came back with a tall bourbon and coke, or so I thought…it was a double tall bourbon and coke…whoops! She apologize and took the blame for the mistake. I wasn’t worried about it and stopped thinking about it.
As we were getting ready to leave, the server came back with the tab and another double tall bourbon and coke. She said, this one’s on the house for my mistake earlier. Personally, I had totally forgotten about that, and wasn’t even going to think about it or not tip her as well. (A lesson to servers everywhere, just suck it up and say you forgot, or it was your fault…I’ll totally forgive that every time.) I handed the keys over at this point….
So I was really enjoying this, and fiancee took a taste, we both agreed that it was really good, and I asked the server what the bourbon was…Jim Beam…she then said incredulously..that’s our WELL bourbon! (What she didn’t mention is that well drinks were $4.)

So, all in all, check this place out and have a pizza, catch a game, and just live it up.

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