Do Not Drink At Lumiere Casino!

Posted: October 1, 2009 in STL: Downtown

Well, here we are.  This is the first post in the long line of forthcoming posts about bars and restaurants I like.  that’ll be the main theme of this joint.  I finally decided on a direction.  Let’s get right to it!

About two weeks ago, after getting home from class on a Wednesday night, the fiancee says to me, I wanna go out.  OK, sounds good to me, but I don’t wanna go throw nickels. (Our slang for playing nickel poker.)  What do you want to do then, she asks.  Well, what I’d really like to do, is sit in front of a bar, with a nice bourbon on the rocks.  I then ask her if there’s a place nearby, that has the  bar games she really likes where I can drink and we can play Card Bandits or something.

Then I think, is it really different playing that instead of poker?  I can get bourbon at Lumiere Place. So off we go!

Now, this is what I was looking for:

This right here, is a Knob Creek Bourbon on the rocks. I purchased it at Parkside Lounge on South Grand. This drink cost me $5 including a tip. It has two ingredients, ice and bourbon. This is a great drink. 8 oz glass, 4 or 5 ice cubes. Perfect, it’s all full up. The same at J.Bucks and Jack Patricks, both downtown as well.

Now, we pull out $60 from the ATM on the way down, $20 each for playing nickel poker, and $20 for drinkin’ money. Not bad…not bad. So, we have a plan in mind, and we’re ready to do this. We get in, walk up to the fellow at the Aqua Bar (Lumiere is so pretentious that their bars are named stupid things.), and I ask him for a Makers Mark on the rocks. (Look at the photo again of what it SHOULD look like.) He comes back with a glass that’s got three ice cubes and a small filling of bourbon. Just over the ice. Now at Ameristar and Harrahs and such, yes they pour small ‘on the rocks’ drinks, but this was ridiculous.

So, I asked the fellow, how much is just a shot? He says $4.75, I gave you a 1 oz shot.

Hang on.

He then says, I can give you a double, but you’d have to pay again.

Hang on.

He then goes on to explain to me that a house shot at Lumiere is only one ounce….

A shot is 1 and a half oz.

A drink on the rocks is not a shot over ice.

This cost me $6 with tip?!

So, the moral of the story, don’t drink at Lumiere Place. Let me say, I did win $120 on nickel poker that night, so I won in the end!

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