The Ace Bomb Drops……finally.

Posted: September 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

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It finally happened. I got it! Ace Frehley’s new album…the picture is my actual copy, but before we can really get to that, I need to tell a bit of a story about myself…it is my place after all.

I have been listening to this man play guitar for nearly the last three decades. Seriously. I’m as old now as Ace was when I first heard him in the very early 80’s. I wasn’t a fan of his really, back then it was about the make up…the Kiss Killers import album cover really keep me mystified…

Looking at them in their make up. I didn’t even know that the original band wasn’t still in tact. I had no idea that Peter had been replaced by the now, late, great Eric Carr. I just knew the picture of them in their make up was cooler than on the Destroyer album cover!
It was all about seeing their faces up close and it being a real photo that held my interest. I remember one evening at my cousin’s house, when we all dressed up in Kiss make up for some reason. I had to be Paul..not cool.

As time wore on, and I got older, I got out of listening to Kiss, but eventually got back into them. At this time, not saying that I was so worldly and wise, but I had more access to information, and I learned about the whole career of this Ace Frehley. Before the time of the Reunion tour, I had amassed all of his solo work, which was all out of print, including the good luck finding it for real, Live +4 home video release.
Of course, let me say, I did get very lucky to find this one! Also a few bootleg concerts that I happened to learn how to acquire……

After getting all of this, and all the Kiss ablums (many of which I’ve unloaded) I really began to love the Space Ace…he’s my favorite member of Kiss, and I haven’t gotten rid of a single Kiss album that he sings on.

I guess listening to him is like reliving my youth a bit, back to a simpler time. Life really was simpler back then. My biggest concern was how am I really going to find that such and such album. Now…so many bigger things on my plate than that. Of course..we all grow up, but listening to the Ace helps keep me young!

For a review that I’m not qualified to give yet…keep reading!

It’s a 12 track CD with three instrumentals. I’ve listened to most of the tracks with singing. Ace sings all the songs, for the first time since his Kiss solo record. Ace plays most of the guitar on all the songs, like on his Kiss solo record. I always felt that Trouble Walkin’ was Ace’s return to his harder rock roots and an extention to his solo record, but it can’t touch “Anomaly.” “Trouble Walkin'” is routinely touted as Ace’s best effort, and I’ve never agreed with that. That being said, the new record is far, far better.

It’s a bit heavier than his other releases, but that’s a good thing, but I don’t need three Ace Frehley instrumentals on a single CD though, Ace..look Fractured Too and Fractured III on of the greatest hits was too much! (But one is called Space Bear….)

So all in all, it wasn’t worth the 20 year wait between releases, but at least in the 90’s we had the re-release of the Ace solo albums, some never before released live material, and a new Kiss Studio…but this is my favorite. It’s a very well done album, and I was happy to see large tracts of it were recorded at Ace In The Hole Studios.

Long live the Space Ace! Please come to St. Louis!

For more Ace Frehley info, please visit his Official Website.


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