Part 4 of the Continuing Series: St. Louis’s Perfect Slinger, Chris’s Pancake House

Posted: August 12, 2009 in slinger, STL: Clifton Heights
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This past weekend, my friend Heather and I went to Chris’s Pancake House after a night drinking at River City Pub. That was planned ahead of time. We knew we were going to drink to much, and need something in the morning to make our heads feel better. Well my head, as she doesn’t get hangovers. It’s really quite annoying!!!!!!

Well here’s the point of the trip:

Now, I don’t know that the picture does it justice, but these things are absolutely huge here! I’ve never been able to finish a slinger from a non-diner restaurant. (i.e. City Diner, Chris’s etc.) They just make them way too big and I think Chris’s might be the biggest, but that’s cool, because I was going out drinking again on Satrday night, and having two thirds of a slinger waiting for me was a pretty good plan! Their slinger costs $8.79, which is the most expensive I’m come across yet, so the large portion is well justified.

I got it as advertised. I’ve decided to no longer get them different or altered. How they serve them is how I’m going to eat them.

Chris’s slinger comes with: a hamburger patty, hashbrowns, eggs, chili, and liberal amounts of cheese and onions. They also come with either a side of toast or pancakes. Always go for the pancakes!

For $8.79, you get two pancakes (or toast, but why?) and the biggest slinger in St. Louis that I can find. As of right now, for taste, Chris’s is number one. Price however, they are the most expensive. Ambiance? Last on the list. Their building is an old Shoneys. We even were sitting under the old atrium. Not fun when you’re quite averse to sunlight, like I am.

I still prefer the greasy spoons to the restaurants like Chris’s. The fact that they’re cheaper doesn’t hurt either! I’ve been to Chris’s a few times, and it’s a nice breakfast restaurant. They’re just no diner.

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  1. […] menu as a matter of course.  I couldn’t find their slinger, but upon closer inspection, like Chris’s Pancake House, they don’t call it a slinger.  Here it’s called the “sling shot.” Paper […]

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