Live Tweets From My Duties As A Docent On The Lafayette Square House Tour 2009

Posted: June 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

This is the house where I spent 2 and a half hours pretending like I had an idea what I was talking about. This house looks like it belongs in New Orleans and it’s believed to be the oldest house in the Square.
I loved this gate as I walked in. I really want to have a wrought iron fence like this around our house one day.
This is my view out the door at my post. I love the decks on this house. They just scream for a cigar and a scotch on a Saturday night.
Another deck…they’re everywhere here..and this one has ceiling fans!

What follows now are the tweets I sent to entertain myself while I was doing docent work. I will remove a couple means ones, because they were too far. Other than that, please enjoy:

Getting ready to head to lafayette square to docent, but i will be at a schlafly house!

Looking good for the house tour. Even wearing my grandfather’s ring today.

Almost got out of this…
(Note: When we arrived at the house, it was raining, and the owner had decided to close the second floor, where I was, but it stopped raining…so I was back to my post!)

This is a wonderful house though…Even for sale..if we sold our two houses we could almost get this one…lol.

Just met an adorable little girl who thinks lafayette park isn’t a park as it has no slides…adorable.

Next house tour:Yes i do own this house. I am one of those internet millionaires….

45 minutes completed….only that plus an hour to go…..

I hear the same stuff. This house is nice. Do you own it? Look at the balcony.

I have not met tom schlafly and i have not been given beer 1….this is his neice’s house damnnit!

Ahh. I wish this was my house, but it’s for st louis royalty…even if this house belongs in new orleans.

Owner of the house is schmoozing about the perfectos base ball club in the next room…

Yay, he’s gone….back to not listening to his conversation.

I was given no information about this house. I have to bullshit when people ask me, or just talk about lafayette square….lol

Busy now…sweating…want a beer or a smoke of some sort.

This house has a perfect backyard….no grass. Bricks and stone work.

When someone compliments the house, what am i supposed to say? I don’t own it, i didn’t even help clean it….
(Note: People kept telling me the house is nice…ok…I had no idea how to respond, last year, I knew the people who’s house I was in…and I helped clean it…so I could take SOME credit at least.)

Im feeding my ego knowing at least one person is reading these…lol

A deaf guy just asked me about 4 times where the bathroom was. I thought he was asking to use it, so i lied..

Oh hell, now i need to pee! Damn you deaf guy! Why weren’t you even greased up?!

Last hour! Some d bag just informed us that the ceilings are low for a second floor…16′ is low???

Two bedrooms on this floor open up into a deck….i can has?

Sure its a closet,,,,why not?

Lady has sparkley glitter disco chucks?!

Is it my diamond ring that makes people think this house is mine? Diamond ring and chucks…i am a d

“Lotta wood in these old houses.” Random guy. “Did they bring the furniture up the side rather than the narrow staircase?” his wife.

My tweets are getting vicious. Everybody’s a d bag now…yes that’s a pocket door. You’re so smart. Go back to st charles…lol

I think these two ladies were speaking french! Or italian..they were quiet. Wait…just heard “si,” it’s italian.

No info on the house…just keep them off the porch…just twitter to keep me going! send a dm to me.

Does no one in st louis still speak french? Damn you pierre chouteau and your love of money!

My knee hurts, so i sat down. Owner of the house gave me the worst chair to sit in…now my back hurts…..

It’s an evil plot!!!! It’s ok. I fixed him. I left a fuzzball in his bedroom.

A painting of 2 ppl doing it above the bed…what is this a single dude’s babe lair? Gives the yokels something to remark about though.

Now that i think about it,…there is nude art e’erywhere…i saw boobies in the kitchen!

ZOMG! I have just walked off the sunny path to sanity haven’t i?

T minus 18 minutes. Must be nice.

Last few minutes of the tour. Hope it was a success, even if i didn’t meet mr schlafly or get any free beer for my efforts.

Five minutes and i am done!

Pigging out on free food after the tour. Free beer too.

Those were my thoughts…Yikes…a bit nutty when you look at them like that isn’t it? Worst part is, I’m sure I’ll be a docent on the tour next year as well.


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