Tenacious Trivia At Tower Pub

Posted: May 29, 2009 in STL: Tower Grove South

Ok..so this was the second time we’ve gone to the trivia there, let me say, I’m a bit loathe to say where it was…as my wacky internet pull will make it the hot spot on Morgan Ford now.. The first time…we had a lot of fun. Cheap drinks, fun trivia, goofy bartender, baseball on the tube.

Their trivia system is based off a wager. You gamble how many points you feel comfortable on the question. Very cool really. It does, however, come back to bite you in the shorts. So…last night…out of five rounds, we literally missed THREE questions. However, with poor wagering…that put us in the doghouse. Granted, the winning team did literally get EVERY FUCKING QUESTION RIGHT!!! Which is totally not cool, but we placed FIFTH!

Only missed three questions and we placed fifth.

Oh well. Not next week, but the week after we’ll try it again. I want those damned bar dollars.


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