St. Louis’s Perfect Slinger Part 3: Courtesy Diner, Kingshighway Location

Posted: May 4, 2009 in diner, slinger, STL: Southwest Garden
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For part three of my continuing series, St. Louis’s perfect slinger, Bob and I went to the Courtesy Diner this past Sunday, after doing a ton of yardwork. I have a picture of that too, but I don’t see the point in showing anyone that. So, without looking at a menu, I order a slinger, of course. Bob gets his usual eggs and hashbrowns.

Here’s the fellows cooking for us. Tehy did a pretty good job at cooking our meal. However, they weren’t very good at listening…or were ignoring us on purpose. More on that later. This is how far away we were. The little thing there that says Courtesy Diner, that was our menu. So I decided to see how much I was paying for my slinger, it was only $5.50! Sweet. That’s the cheapest yet.

So, here’s the slinger itself! When I ordered it, the man asked if I wanted cheese and jalepenos. Well of course I did. (What was not told to me was that I did have to pay extra for them, seems like cheese on a slinger shouldn’t be an extra should it?)

So, the slinger itself was spectacular and I greatly enjoyed it. The jalapenos gave it a nice kick, so I didn’t need to put any salt and vinegar based hotsauce on it. Every greasy spoon has the cheapest hot sauce on the table that they can find, and they’re always very salty and very vinegary. Typically, you don’t even know what kind of peppers were put into that sauce.

However…the service…so..after a bit we’re waiting for akv to show up, and we hear, only two more minutes of ordering on the grill. So, for a solid ten minutes, I’m trying to get the attention of the people in front of me, ya know the ones about a yard away, to turn around, as I’m saying I need to add to my order while we still can, and they won’t. The guy who took our order makes eye contact with me as he was returning, and just turns around.

Then our food comes, and I tell the kid, I need to add to the order, and he says, sorry, can’t. I told him about the past 10 minutes, and he just says sorry. It’ll be about 45 minutes till we can use the grill again. Twenty minutes after akv left, he says we can order her food now. Very nice.

  1. Anonymous says:

    If you haven't tried the slinger at Soulard Coffee Garden, you're missing out. A little more pricey but well worth every penny!Huge first of all and the chili is made with steak chunks! Unbelievable!They also have the best Juevos Rancheros in town!

  2. 13 says:

    I am ALWAYS looking for more slingers to try. Even though I'm trying to abstain for three weeks, I've put myself into position to get another slinger in Soulard next week. Feel free to email me at with any places you think I should try, but that one is DEFINITELY going on the list!

  3. Ryan aka oregonmon says:

    My long time friend and fellow slinger eater pointed me to your blog. Good write ups and entertaining.
    I no longer live there but we used to get some serious slingers in our day. But it looks like the slinger has really taken off since I left about 6 years ago. Eat Rite was the original, then we tried them at Courtesy, South city and I think maybe Uncle Bills. Not many other places had them.
    If you ask me, the proper way to order a slinger would be with obviously hashbrowns, fried egg (soft yolk, your doing a huge disservice with scramble, sorry :), bacon although not available everywhere, chili and its gotta be topped with cheese and onions.
    It’s been a while since having one while in a stupor and it almost turns my stomach thinking about one. Haha!
    Keep it going.

    • battra13 says:

      You’re certainly not the first to tell me that, but I just don’t like fried eggs…I like scrambled eggs.

      I need to get back out and get a new slinger…there are so many still to have.

  4. Ryan aka oregonmon says:

    I forgot to mention, it was Steve Rusnack that sent me here.

  5. […] location is my recreational slinger of choice, but that may be due in large part to the issues I had in my first trip. I have been back a couple times and didn’t have anything like that surface again. In the […]

  6. […] the best slinger in town (for my money).  But I’m a novice, you had better check in with the city’s slinger expert.  Back when Missouri was a smoke em if you got em state, the cigarette smoke used to be the final […]

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