St. Louis’s Perfect Slinger Part 1: The Hoagie Diner

Posted: May 4, 2009 in diner, slinger, STL: Downtown
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This is the first in the continuing series in search of St. Louis’ best Slinger. I chose to move it to my current blog in order for all three to be in the same place. This particular entry is an abbreviated piece of a larger blog, before this became a continuing series.

So we head out to the White Knight Sandwich Shop on 18th and Locust.

Well, we pull into the parking lot, and it was empty. Bob says they’re not busy hooray! Well,t hey were closed at 12pm on a Saturday. The proprietors decided to head home for the then we began to think about where we were going…we were basically headed to the Eat Rite…

(also not my photo)

We end up going to the place called the Hoagie Diner. Bobby and Me.

So we look at the menu, and it’s kind of strange…normal fair, hoagies, cheesesteak sandwiches, breakfast food…and Yaki Udon?!

Bob gets a rice omelet. I’ve never even heard of such a thing. It’s apparently an omelet with chicken fried rice in it.

I wanted a slinger, but since they’re not exactly Americans there..or St. Louisans…oh..did I leave out that the owners were Korean?

I ordered the spare parts.


and VOILA!

  1. Wig says:

    Back in college, you couldn’t get a slinger proper in Rolla, so we “spare parted it”, too. Denny’s All American Slam and a bowl of their chili would make an good slinger. It was pricy, but it worked.

    Sometimes they would be out of chili, so we learned to call ahead to have some ready. We eventually hired the late night cook that made them for us. She still to this day makes slingers at my fraternity durning party weekends.

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