Part 2 of the Continuing Series, St. Louis’s Perfect Slinger: Eat Rite Diner

Posted: April 20, 2009 in diner, slinger, STL: LaSalle Park
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So, after going to the 99.1 At the Garden Live Concert with Bob, we decided to get a little bit of lunch. We both have an affinity for nasty, greasy, cheap diners. This afforded me a wonderful opportunity to continue on with my search for the perfect slinger, and you get to read more about it. So, first we tried to go to Bob’s Diner on Broadway, they were closed though, so on to the Eat Rite Diner on Chouteau near Broadway. Here’s Bob outside in front of the sign.

Here are a few pictures of the menu. A mark of a really great diner for me is the lack of a menu to hold in your hand. According to Steak’n’Shake, this would be a workaraunt, but that would be incorrect, they’re just keeping costs down by making you read the wall. Again, the pricing is very cheap. 2.75 for a fish sandwich? They also had a deal, six burgers for $5.10. Bob and I almost split that one, but I am on a mission for slingers.

Then here’s the beverage menu. Only a dollar for a soda! However, there are no refills on anything at all…so enjoy it.

There was also an old school jukebox. The only other place I know that has one, is the Waffle Hizzy. Of course, they just have one there for effect I think. Here, they’re serious.

Also, a cigarette machine? When’s the last time you saw a cigarette machine in a restaurant?! This place is very, very old school. On top of that, there was only one person working the restaurant, she was our waitress, our hostess, and our chef.
Here we have one of the two pinball machines in the place. Again, very old school. No digital anything in the place. Even the clocks are analog.

And the purpose of the post itself…my slinger!

There were a couple issues with it:
1) It was made with sausage patties instead of hamburger patties. The menu only said that it had meat, it didn’t say what kind. I figured it would be sausage, but hey, I was hoping.

2) The woman asked me how I wanted the eggs cooked. I said scrambled. She didn’t scramble them. The way she phrased it would qualify as foreshadowing I think:

“How do you want your eggs? Fried?”

They came fried, however, this created an idea in my head. Instead of telling them how I want my slinger, I’ll just eat them as they make them. I think this will create a better way of rating their slingers.

3) Not enough cheese or onions.

All in all, as Bob said, you can’t ruin a slinger. Even though the meat was sausage, the eggs were wrong, and the cheese and onions were in small amounts, I greatly enjoyed this.

I would give this slinger a 7 on a scale of 1-10.

Watch this space for more slinger reviews in the City of St. Louis!

  1. […] are well prepared and seasoned.  It’s not the scary slinger of The Buttery Restaurant or Eat Right, but a nicely done slinger that I’m pretty sure my wife would even eat.  It’s not […]

  2. Wig says:

    I remember my slinger at this eat-rite, as they served it one way. I never got the option to order a hamburger patty, and I really don’t like sausage on my slinger.

    I would suggest trying the other eat-rite on South Lindburg @ Hwy 21. It’s WAY south county, but they will make it how you like it (like a hamburger). There is also TJ’s diner just up the road that used to be another eat-rite. I used to get slinger there many years ago.

    I believe their chili is Edmund’s.

    • battra13 says:

      I really don’t leave the city for slingers. I did for the Tiffany Diner due to the literally hundreds of times I was told to go have their slinger. I’m back to just reppin’ St. Louis City.

  3. Colin says:

    I wouldn’t complain about pork sausage or fried eggs. Too little cheese or onions though, you could ask for more. However, keep in mind the location and the clientele that comes in EVERY NIGHT. You gotta cut em some slack.

    Eat Rite slinger in my opinion – the BEST in STL.

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