Tim Wilson At Lumiere Hotel and Casino April 11th

Posted: April 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

On Saturday, April 11th, Sue, AKV and myself went to see my favorite living comedian, Tim Wilson. Tim’s an irreverent ‘hillbilly’ from Georgia. He’s also a favorite on the Bob and Tom Show, which is where I’d heard of him all those many years ago. He’s got the accent of the Blue Collar Comedians, but not the style. He’s a singer/comedian. Of course he sings silly songs. He doesn’t have the turn your brain off humor like the other Southern fellows, you actually have to think about what he says.

Stewart Huff opened the show.
He was a VERY interesting fellow. After his hi how do you a do, I’m the opening act bits, he told one joke. For about 15 minutes, pre-technical difficulties, and it was hysterical. It was a supposedly true story about a boy who stole a penguin from a zoo. When this joke was over, there were some technical issues, then Tim Wilson came out and started the show.

Tim told his usual jokes about 23 year olds, about what life was like for himself and other members of his generation, and things along those lines. Over the last few years, he’s really changed from telling jokes about the South to telling jokes about what things were like before, and what they’re like now. I think it’s an interesting switch. I suppose he’s looking for a more universal appeal, or perhaps he’s just an angry old man that really misses the good old days of doing something called “going outside to play.” He also really harps on getting “what we used to call an ass whipping.” For me though…it was never completely about his stand up, it’s his songs that really really grabbed my attention when I was on my way to work and I heard him on the Bob and Tom show all those years ago.

So, when he pulled out his guitar and started his bits about how, all Bruce Springsteen songs end the same, and how all Lynyrd Skynyrd songs end the same, I got a little happy. This time when I saw him, he seemed more about telling jokes with the guitar instead of playing his songs, he did play “Jeff Gordon’s Gay,” “Church League Softball Fistfight,” and of course ended the show with “I Could Be Wrong,” but I was hoping to hear a few others. All in all it was a really fun show, and I’ll be back the next time he’s in town too.

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