The First Weekend of April 2009

Posted: April 6, 2009 in Uncategorized

As per usual, we saw AKV’s parents, and did our thing as well. Friday was fun, it was the fish fry, just me and her parents, then a hockey game with my old Bandits buddies, then we hit up Harrahs till

My fish dinner…This is what $10 will get you at The Holy Redeemer in Webster Groves, MO.

Then my dessert choices!!!!!!!!

Some folks I’d not seen in a long time. Mark on the left and Richard on the right. Richard has apparently gone crazy since the time I’d been there…he now has a big bucket with a handle and decal affixed to it that he beats with a home made mallet.

Saturday moning, AKV’s dad and I had a beer tasting scheduled. Over 180 beers apparently…here are some random photos I took whilst drinking with my future father in law.

A lot of these were from the “We Designed An Awesome Label And Now Need To Put Beer In It” File…

Left hand Brewery swag…not sure if I actually TOOK any of it, but I did take a photo of it.

Funny…I can’t remember if this stuff was even any good….

Mass of humanity that we had to deal with…good thing they didn’t advertise!

The Schlafly table!

New summer lager by Schlafly!

Me and Bob. One of us is drunker than the other…can you tell?

A very nice young woman had this tattoo. It was done at Iron Age, and is simply beautiful.

The Left Hand Brewing moo mobile???

Very nice man from a brewing company…I forget the name…I have some swag at home.
He did tell us about a beer that’s only available for two months per year. Jan and Feb.

It’s April and it was spectacular. Thanks asshat.

Greatest beer ad EVER!

I think I forgot to taste the Stella Artois..of course I do know what it tastes like.

SCHLITZ?! WTF?! Yeah…it’s actually pretty good. Now Magic Hat beer…they had a REALLY good one…but I got drunk and forgot it.

My new friend! He said I can’t stalk him.

This is what happens when I’m allowed to walk around by myself.
I find something I think is funny, then all my friends get a picture of it.

To top it all off…this bad mother lover!

Unrecorded events of the weekend: Harrah’s, Social, Best Steakhouse, First Watch.


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